Baby Hikes: Burnaby Lake

Burnaby Lake is a baby hike, a barely hike. It's the kind of hike you take visiting relatives to when they want to experience the GVRD’s “outdoors” but don’t bring runners (let alone hiking boots.)

Lucy at Burnaby Lake

That said, it’s a decent trail. The views are pretty and it’s long enough to feel like you’ve done something, without taking up your whole day. It inspires the kinds of walks you have with good friends and thermoses of tea (but maybe that’s just me.) Bonus: it’s dog-friendly, and there are relatively few crowds - so you can get away with brief periods off-leash if your dog is well-behaved.

Start your walk at the sports fields. Walk past the Rugby Club, along the path that follows the fields. Go left at the row of trees, and take the trail that veers off into the wooded area across the ditch (though really, take any trail that goes towards the lake and you’ll find the main trail.)

Boardwalks at Burnaby Lake

This trail will take you through another parking lot, where you can head left to go to the rowing pavilion… or stick straight ahead, since you have tea to drink and places to be.

From there, follow the main trail around the lake. It’s a 10 km loop, with no noticeable elevation gain, but there are viewpoints of the lake, pretty boardwalks, and places to check out the wildlife (mostly birds, though apparently beavers hang out at the wooden bridge crossing Still Creek.)

Birds and reflections

Benches dot the trail, and take every trail offshoot you spot. None go too far, and this is the perfect trail for a leisurely meander. Just don’t expect to get a big workout - unless you run it.

Time: 1.5-2 hours depending on your speed.
Distance: 10 KM
Elevation gain: 0 M
Driving time from Vancouver: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Worth-It Factor: 6/10