Baby Hikes: Deer Lake

Another great hike when you're stuck in the city or pressed for time, Deer Lake offers a 5 km hike around an urban lake in Burnaby.

Lucy leading the way

For a slightly longer and slightly more rugged hike I'd recommend Burnaby Lake but this one is great for a post-work stroll.

Muddy sections are avoided by raised wooden platforms, and much of the trail is gravel.

Deer Lake Burnaby Hike

The loop stays close to the lake for the most part, offering pretty views of the water and the skyline beyond as you dodge strollers and dogs (lots of dogs).

Deer Lake Burnaby Hike

Because the trail is so accessible, it's busy year round and very popular with people walking their dogs - so keep yours on a leash. If you're a paddler, Deer Lake is also a decent quick option.

Deer Lake Burnaby Hike

Time: 1 hour, tops
Distance: 5 KM
Elevation gain: 0 M
Driving time from Vancouver: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Worth-It Factor: 5/10