On Weeknight Hikes

This summer has been a little rough. I could blame the unusually chilly weather but ultimately the problem was us. I always want to get far away from the hustle and the crowds in order to hike, but that's not always possible. My new job + Mat's prep for school + planning for the wedding meant less time away from the city and less time in the mountains. But, on a recent Thursday night up Mount Seymour, I was reminded that even a little escape is worthwhile.

Hiking Mount Seymour

Locals and visitors to Vancouver are blessed with the abundance of local trails. I've written about some city hikes like Burnaby Lake and Deer Lake and there are other gems like Pacific Spirit Park, but this is about slightly beyond local. The trails up the mountains within an hour of the city, where you truly get that (almost) wilderness experience.

We weren't able to leave home until after 7 (work!) so we got up to Seymour around 8. We hadn't been since early snowshoe days with the pup, so were excited to explore some of the other options.

Hiking with a dog

The most important thing to remember when on a weeknight hike is to be open-minded to changing your plans. The original plan? Dog Mountain. Once we saw how muddy it was, and how dim the light was already getting in the forest, we switched gears to head up the Mount Seymour trail to catch the sunset.

Sunset on Mount Seymour

Within an hour, we realized the fading light was going to make the return trek less pleasant than we were hoping for, so we decided to veer off again and connect with the Mystery Lake trail.

Mount Seymour cabin vibes

We took in the views at the top of the Mystery Lake Express, tucked around to the lake and headed back down the slope. (Pro tip: if you're planning to hike back after sunset, bring a headlamp and park in the overnight lot so you don't get stuck when they bring down the gate.)

A quick hike, some much needed family time, and a tired pup. Thank you, West Coast.

Mount Seymour sunset hike

Time: 1-5 hours, depending on the trail you take
Distance: 1-7 KM
Elevation gain: 25-500 M
Driving time from Vancouver: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy to Difficult
Worth-It Factor: 6/10