A Love Letter to Montana

All over Montana, you can get shirts, mugs, bumper stickers and more with some variation of love + the state. At the end of our time there, I got one too - and I try to avoid the tourist kitsch.

What can I say, Montana is rad.

Lost in Montana with a smile on my face

Big mountains, rolling hills, lush valleys, and more lakes, rivers and streams than we knew what to do with. Plus, the cities and towns we visited were so good - incredibly dog-friendly with tons of patios and parks, great food (though we definitely ate too much BBQ), beautifully situated, and with the most warm, welcoming, funny and open-minded people.

Mat at Holland Lake

Views from Missoula

We did big hikes (the Continental Divide Trail at Flesher Pass, Hyalite Lake near Bozeman), we jumped into roadside rivers, we ate and ate and ate. While we got rained out of our backcountry overnight (Jewel Basin, we're coming back for you!) we still explored beautifully wild areas like the Flathead National Forest, Holland Lake (the campground and the hike to the waterfall are beautiful) and Hyalite Canyon. We jumped back and forth across the state line to Idaho to jump into hot springs. We stayed in cool AirBnBs and beautiful campgrounds.

Flesher Pass and the Continental Divide Trail

Holland Lake

Hyalite Lake hike

Hyalite Lake family portrait

It's true, we #heart Montana. (And Bozeman is officially on our list of top 10 cities we could move to.)

Not technically Montana, but Idaho's Jerry Johnson Hot Springs are an hour and a half from Missoula