There are trails on Burnaby Mountain

Somedays you only have a couple hours, or the thought of driving outside the city feels like too much effort. On one of those days recently I discovered the trails near SFU.

Views from Burnaby Mountain

Granted, Burnaby Mountain is far for some, but when you're living in East Van or North Burnaby it's an easy escape for something that feels a bit more wild.

Totem poles at Burnaby Mountain

From the parking lot near the top (and Horizon Restaurant) a trail network curves and connects all the way down the mountain to Barnet Marine Park. Many of the trails are mixed use - meaning people with bouncy puppies will have to content with mountain bikers, but on a pretty sunny day in April I saw no bikes and minimal people.

Trails at Burnaby Mountain

Another choose-your-own adventure trail network, there are shorter trails and longer trails, and easier trails and harder trails. I wandered along Pandora Trail, Gnome's Home, down Ridgeview and across Burnwood before heading back on the Trans Canada Trail.

Lucy on the boardwalk at Burnaby Mountain

With more care for the map I could have spent longer on the trails, but the just over an hour in the woods was enough to soothe the soul. Lucy had to stay on leash the entire time though, too many roads around the edges and a decent number of kids.