Freezing at Oyama Lake

We don't spend a ton of time in the Okanagan. The ski resorts are busy in the winter, and the major hot spots are too much of a party in the summer. When we want to get away, we want to get away from everything, so our taste is off the beaten path. Turns out we'll need to start exploring the Okanagan more if there are more gems like Oyama Lake.

Oyama Lake in the Okanagan

Stumbled upon through a dog-friendly cabin search on AirBnB, we found the Oyama Lake Eco Resort. A tiny, rustic group of cabins and campsites on a beautiful, remote lake. We booked the Ice House despite the warnings that it lacked a wood stove and, at this point in late April, was still covered in snow. Happily, the lake thawed, the snow melted, and the closest weather report promised day time highs of 25 degrees by the time May Long rolled around.

Dog friendly Oyama Lake

We brewed our coffee, packed our bags, and headed off on the Saturday morning. With several stops to visit friends and stretch our legs along the way, we arrived in Lake Country in the afternoon, and found our logging road turn off to go up to the lake. And up, up, and up we went. The road got worse. The weather dropped. The Delica shook. But we made it, and discovered the most serene lake, and the cutest cabin hanging just over it.

Oyama Lake Eco Resort

Settling in, we realized the weather forecast was for the lowlands, and our packing ratio of bathing suits to fleece was seriously off, but with books, blankets, and the perpetual heater that is Lucy, we crashed for the first night.

On Day 2, we forewent the canoe ride (even though braver people than we were out there fishing) and instead hightailed it to the High Rim Trail. This beautiful hike meandered through forest, to Okanagan-inspired desert, and out to views on the lake. We only saw 2 other people on the trail, so let Lucy off leash where her joyful bounds could not be contained by brush or muck. The mosquitos didn't even bother her, though they ate us alive.

Hiking the High Rim Trail in the Okanagan

Back at camp, we set up for our first fire of the season, and with books in laps, marshmallows at our sides, and loons making evening calls, it was impossible not to relax. Even wearing 6 layers of clothing.

Camping at Oyama Lake

Eager to beat long weekend traffic, we left in the morning - on what was the most beautiful, canoe-worthy day (always). Regardless of temperature, it was still a worthwhile spot and the perfect way to kick off the camping and cabin season.

Perfect settings in beautiful places